Calf leather in Ponte a Egola

TThe Italian tanning industry is one of the most appreciated industries in the world. It is reputed for manufacturing products of excellence and perfection. Tannery Nuova Antilope is one of the most preferred Italian companies for tanning and quality leather, thereafter used for producing fine leather goods and footwear for all major international brands.
We offer decades of experience in this area, transforming raw hide to the finished product through the process of tanning. The finished products include calf leather and half calf leather with varied characteristics such as soft, tassels, soft mellow, classic smooth surface, with fine grain, box calf, nubuck, buffed and smooth paint. We invite you to discover and understand our detailed leather production process by visiting our workshop and showroom.


Our line of environmentally friendly products, Pacha Mama, was born from the increasing demand for ecological products that do not harm our environment.
This new concept of naturally derived tanning is based on the use of a new agent. We avoid the use of chromium or any other heavy metals as well as the use of acids and chlorides. In economic terms, we:
- Save water (almost half the usual quantity consumed)
- Save energy resources
- Have seen significant reduction of processing waste

On the basis of our research and response, we have developed different product variants which include smooth, shiny, classic, matte wax, abraded and soft. Besides being non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the products in this range have a high quality and technical performance.
The advantages of using different product variants are:
- A brilliant, deep colour (you start with a white base)
- High colour performance to sunlight
- Versatility

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