The best tanners in Ponte a Egola

The history of Tannery Nuova Antilope is built from decades of hard work and experience in the tanning industry. Knowledge and traditions are passed through generations in the family. The added values along with advancement of methods and technology help obtain a high quality of finished products which are appreciated both in Italy and worldwide. The company was founded in 1958 by the founder Bonciolini Mario, who already had a decade of experience in leather production industry. The company expanded quickly targeting various customer groups. The increase in production resulted in the need for a more modern and functional structure. Hence, in 1976, the new building, which is currently the company headquarter was inaugurated. The team now includes the founder’s sons Franco, Franca and Marco. With a strengthened structure, the company now uses modern technologies and tanning techniques, at the same time preserving its ancient practices and methods. We have always had an inclination towards award-winning projects and experiences. Over the years, we have gained international recognition as well. After a thorough and rigorous training, our team now includes the grandchildren, Alessio and Andrea. Our aim is to satisfy a range of diverse and sophisticated clientele.

Discover leather processing by writing to us at nuovaantilope@leonet.it

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